How do we keep your appointment smooth and safe?

Accompanying persons

You are no longer asked to come alone. Only the A&E Department has modified guidelines and only one escort is allowed in the non-Covid areas. Escorts are not allowed in the Covid area. 

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Patient guidelines

Our greatest concern is and remains to ensure maximum protection of patients and staff. If you are visiting the hospital, please observe these precautionary measures:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Do not wear gloves. There are enough handwashing and disinfection facilities inside the hospital.
  • Stand or sit 1.5 metres from other people (in queues, lifts, corridors, waiting rooms, etc.). 
  • You must bring your own face mask, only surgical facemaskes are allowed (no textiles). During your hospital visit, please wear the face mask over your nose and chin (required from 6 years). 
  • If you have symptoms such as a temperature, a cough or shortness of breath, do not come to the hospital and contact your GP. Your GP can make a new appointment for you with the specialist. Also, you should always notify the cancellation line.

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