As of Monday, January 10, visits are temporarily prohibited at the UZ Brussel

As of Monday, January 10, visits are temporarily prohibited at the UZ Brussel

07 January 2022

Due to the continuing pressure on the hospital, the more flexible testing and quarantine rules and the high infectiousness of the Omikron variant, there will be temporarily no visitors allowed at the UZ Brussel as of Monday 10 January. The UZ Brussel realizes that this has a major impact on patients and visitors. The hospital wants to protect its patients, visitors and staff as best as possible against this highly contagious virus.

Exceptions for specific departments and circumstances

There are a number of exceptions to this general rule for specific departments and circumstances (e.g. in a palliative context). In that case, family will be further informed about the visiting conditions via the nursing units. The family member receives a red visitor card.

From Monday 10 January onwards, only these red visitor cards will be valid to enter the hospital. The green visitor card will then no longer be valid. 

Visitation guidelines: adult patients

Visiting KidZ Health Castle

At the KidZ Health Castle, siblings are not allowed to visit, unless in exceptional circumstances. Specific arrangements are in place for parents or other accompanying persons.

Visitation guidelines: Pediatrics department

Staying in contact with your family member

  • UZ Brussel is doing all it can to ensure that patients and their families can stay in touch as much as possible. If you are a member of a patient’s family and require information, call our family member info line at 02 477 88 01 from 10:00 to 18:00, or contact us by email at Video chats can be requested via the email address.
  • Further appointments with the doctor or social nurse will continue to be made by telephone.

Package service

Relatives of an admitted patient can hand over personal belongings, clothing, etc. at the information desk (or the guard during weekends) at the main entrance of the hospital building. to the information desk at the main entrance of the hospital building. This can be done during normal visiting hours, between 2 pm and 6:30 pm. Packages should be labelled with the patient's name.