Microbiome: from benchtop to bedside

Microbiome: from benchtop to bedside

Bowling Stones Conference Center Brussels

The Clinical Biology Department of the UZ Brussel organises the symposium 'Microbiome: from benchtop to bedside' on October 25th. The target audience are physicians and scientific profiles. The language of the symposium is English.


  • Tuesday October 25th from 9h till 16h
  • Bowling Stones Conference Center Brussels (Steenweg op Brussel 397, 1780 Wemmel)
  • Accreditation is requested

Speakers Line-up

  • At the bench: overview of microbiome data analyses techniques
    • Dr. Sofie Thijs (Center for Environmental Sciences - Hasselt University)
  • Gut microbiome markers for pancreatic cancer
    • Dr. Sebastian Schmidt (European Molecular Biology Laboratory - Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Fecal microbiota transplantation: is it the Holy Grail?
    • Prof. Danny De Looze (Department of Gastroenterology - University Hospital Ghent)
  • The Flemish vaginal microbiome & the Isala citizen-science project
    • Prof. Sarah Lebeer (Department of Bioscience Engneering - Antwerp University)
  • The role of the microbiome in assisted reproductive technologies (ART)
    • Prof. Shari Mackens (Brussels IVF - University Hospital Brussels)
  • Investigating the gut microbiome in Multiple Sclerosis: promises, challenges and pitfall
    • Prof. Marie D'hooghe (National Multiple Sclerosis Center – Melsbroek) & dr. Lindsay Devolder (Center for Microbiology - VIB-KU Leuven)


  • You can register via this link.
  • The registration fee is € 25. 


For more information please contact thomas.demuyser@uzbrussel.be