Collecting and storing of personal data

When using the UZ Brussel website, the hospital collects and saves your data in a number of specific situations:

  • When completing web forms
  • When registering for the newsletter
  • When responding to news or blog posts
  • When granting access to web portals (patient portal, etc.)

Your data will be used only for the purpose for which they are collected, never for commercial purposes. The data will be processed in strict confidentiality and never resold/disclosed to third parties.

You always have the right to view, edit or have the data that the hospital has collected from you deleted.

The controller of your personal data is the UZ Brussel located 101 Laarbeeklaan, 1090 Brussels.

If you have any questions, please send an email to communicatie@uzbrussel.be

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The cookies policy

What are cookies?

UZ Brussel website uses cookies to give you the best possible web experience. The cookies are not used for commercial purposes. 

Cookies are small data or text files that are sent by the website to your browser to render it recognisable. Cookies are stored on the hard disk of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies can be placed by the server of the website being visited or by partners with whom the website works. Cookies read only the information placed by the cookies themselves. The cookies do not have access to other information.

A cookie usually contains the name of the server that placed the cookie, an expiry date and a unique number code.

Which cookies does the UZ Brussel website use?

The UZ Brussel website uses different types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order to use the website. They ensure, for instance, that you can navigate smoothly through the website, consult web texts, complete forms, etc.

  • Functional cookies

These cookies facilitate the functioning of the website and ensure that you have a more personalised browsing experience. With these cookies, you can for example save your choice of language, presentation preferences, etc.

  • Analytical cookies

Thanks to these cookies, Google Analytics collects information about how visitors use the website, which web pages are visited and how often, etc.  This information can be used to conduct statistical analyses. On the basis of these analyses, the structure, navigation, content, etc. of the website can be attuned optimally to the needs of the users and are improved.

  • Multimedia cookies

These cookies enable you to watch videos on the website that have been placed by UZ Brussel on Vimeo, YouTube, etc. These videos are used to explain certain treatments, enrich news items with video reports, etc.

  • Social media cookies

These cookies make it easier for you to interact with the social media channels of UZ Brussel. For example, these cookies make it possible to view a Facebook post or a tweet in a news item.

How do you manage the cookies on the UZ Brussel website?

You can manage the active cookies on the hospital website on this webpage at all times:

Manage cookies

How can you delete cookies?

A handy keyboard combination can be used to delete cookies in any browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.) quickly and easily: CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. On a Mac, use the combination COMMAND + SHIFT + DELETE. 

You can also delete cookies in the settings of your browser. 


For questions about the cookie policy, please contact the Communication Department of the UZ Brussel via communicatie@uzbrussel.be.

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Intellectual property rights

The content of this website, including brands, logos, drawings, data, product and company names, texts, images, etc. are protected by intellectual rights and belong to the UZ Brussel or entitled third parties. Formal permission is consequently required for their use.

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Limitation of liability

The information on the website is of a general nature. The information is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and can therefore not be considered as personal, professional or legal advice. 

UZ Brussel makes every effort to ensure that the information provided is complete, correct, accurate and updated. Despite these efforts, inaccuracies may occur in the information provided. If the information provided contains inaccuracies or if certain information on or via the website is unavailable, UZ Brussel  will make every effort to rectify this as promptly as possible. If you should notice any inaccuracies, you can contact the website administrator via communicatie@uzbrussel.be or via the link provided at the bottom of almost every web page.
UZ Brussel cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage that results from the use of the information on this website.

The content of the website (including links) can be adapted, changed or completed at all times without any prior announcement or notice. UZ Brussel gives no guarantees for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be held liable in any way for the poor functioning or temporary (un)availability of the website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, which may occur due to the access to or use of the website. 

UZ Brussel can under no circumstances be held liable to anyone, directly or indirectly, in any specific or other way, for damage attributable to the use of this website or any other, especially as a result of links or hyperlinks, including, without limitation, any loss, work interruptions, damage to programmes or other data on the computer system, hardware, software or other of the user. 

The website may contain hyperlinks to, or indirectly refer to, third-party websites or pages. Placing links to these websites or pages in no way implies implicit approval of their content. UZ Brussel expressly declares that it has no authority over the content or other characteristics of these websites and can under no circumstances be held liable for their content or characteristics or for any other form of damage resulting from the use thereof.

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Applicable law and competent courts

This website shall be governed by Belgian law. In case of a dispute, only the Brussels courts shall be competent.

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