The philosophy of the website

  • This website is geared first and foremost to patients. In the texts, the patient and the doctor are referred to as ‘he’ in almost all cases, for the sake of convenience, but this is intended to be gender neutral. The ‘he’ therefore also stands for ‘she’, of course.
  • The website is not intended to replace a visit to a doctor. It is advisable to put a specific medical question directly to the service concerned or the attending hospital doctor. Owing to aspects of medical secrecy and privacy, no medical data are exchanged via ordinary email.
  • This website does not aspire to be comprehensive. Its focus is on relevance for the patient.
  • UZ Brussel supports the role of the general practitioner in health care. It is advisable to have a regulargeneral practitioner who assists you with your care programme.
  • UZ Brussel supports patient empowerment. This means that patients who so wish must be able to direct their own care programme. To promote this, a number of concrete tips are provided on this website.
  • The working language of UZ Brussel is Dutch. In practice, most of the care providers speak several languages and endeavour to speak the language of each patient. The French-language website of UZ Brussel is a reflection of the Dutch-language website. International patients can consult the English version of the website.