Privacy policy

The UZ Brussel attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of its patients. Via extensive Privacy Regulations, we inform you as a patient about the way in which the UZ Brussel handles, collects and processes personal data.

Important principles

  1. Employees of the hospital and/or independent professionals collect personal data regarding health in various ways: from the patient himself, via referring healthcare providers (e.g. your general practitioner) and via secure government platforms if you have given permission for this. 
  2. We only use the data that we need for a specific purpose (e.g. in the context of scientific research, not all data from the medical record is always needed). 
  3. Patients' personal data is only accessible to those employees who need it for the performance of their duties. They are also bound by professional secrecy and/or obligation of confidentiality
  4. Within the framework of patient care, the UZ Brussel transfers medical data to external care providers, such as the general practitioner. If the patient gives permission, the hospital shares medical information on platforms such as Abrumet, Vitalink, etc. Data can also be exchanged with insurance companies, mutual insurance organisations, government bodies, etc. The legal framework is always respected for each form of data exchange. 
  5. Patient data are stored and processed in the safest possible way. Strict security procedures apply to this. 
  6. The UZ Brussel observes the legal minimum periods for storing data. Once the storage period has expired, the data are inactivated but not deleted. 
  7. As a patient you have the right to be informed free of charge about your personal data that are kept at the UZ Brussel and the processing of these data. For example, you can request your medical file online via the patient portal.
  8. A doctor is always obliged to keep a correct and complete patient file. In consultation with your doctor, you can decide not to share certain data via platforms with other healthcare providers.  

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Questions or complaints?

Do you believe that the provisions concerning the protection of your privacy have not been complied with, or do you have other complaints/questions concerning the protection of your privacy? Then please contact: