UZ Brussel postpones all non-urgent care for adult

UZ Brussel postpones all non-urgent care for adult

29 October 2020

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections and the increasing pressure on the healthcare sector, UZ Brussel further reduces non-urgent care. From Monday 2 November all non-urgent care will be postponed for at least 8 weeks. The urgent care en the care for children at KidZ Health Castle will continue.

What will continue

  • Urgent and necessary admissions, check-ups and tests, interventions, treatments, etc.
  • Care for children at KidZ Health Castle

What will NOT continue

  • All non-urgent planned admissions and day-to-day hospital activities for adults whether these be surgical or not
  • Normal non-urgent consultations for adults

If your consultation, (day) admission, check-up, test, intervention, ... is being cancelled, you will be called by a hospital employee!

If your consultation, (day) admission, check-up, test, intervention cannot take place, you will be contacted personally by a hospital employee.

You do not need to cancel an appointment yourself

Cancelling an appointment yourself is unnecessary. The hospital is doing everything it can to ensure it offers a safe healthcare environment.

If you are thinking of cancelling an appointment or procedure, consult your GP or specialist first to determine the urgency of your appointment.

If you cannot go to an appointment for whatever reason, it is important that you inform the hospital:

Do you doubt whether your appointment or admission is urgent or necessary?

  • Consult with your GP
  • Contact the medical service that treats you and argue why an appointment should take place anyway. A decision can then be made in consultation.

Stay up-to-date

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