UZ Brussel partly postpones non-urgent interventions

UZ Brussel partly postpones non-urgent interventions

01 December 2021

Because of the increasing number of Covid infections and the increasing pressure on the health sector, the government decided that the hospitals have to partially postpone non-urgent surgeries the next two weeks. This is to preserve the necessary capacity in the Intensive Care department and to enable the reallocation of doctors and nurses. This also applies to the UZ Brussel. Hospital staff contact the patients concerned. Urgent and necessary interventions, non-surgical dayhospital activities and consultations continue at this time. We are monitoring the situation day by day. The hospital is doing everything possible to create the safest possible healthcare environment. We also ask that our patients respect all safety measures.


  • Urgent and necessary admissions, examinations, interventions, treatments, etc. for adults and children (such as oncological interventions, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Consultations and non-surgical day hospital activities for adults and children
  • Non-surgical planned admissions for adults
  • Fertility treatments

May not continue

  • Non-urgent surgeries for adults and children, including day hospital
  • Scheduled admissions for children

Is your consultation, examination, (day) admission, intervention, ... not possible? You will be called personally!

If your consultation, examination, (day) admission, intervention, ... you will be contacted personally by a hospital employee.

You do not have to cancel yourself

It is not necessary to cancel yourself. The hospital makes every effort to create a safe care environment. We also ask our patients to respect all safety measures.

If, for any reason, you cannot come to the hospital, it is important to inform the hospital.

In doubt as to whether your consultation or admission is urgent or necessary?

  • Please consult your GP.
  • Contact the medical service that is treating you and explain why an appointment, admission, treatment, etc. should still take place. should still take place. A decision can then be taken in consultation.