Detecting possible inherited conditions

You can come directly to the Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG) to have any condition you suspect that you may have inherited detected. This also applies for rare conditions.

Collaboration with experts at home or abroad

During or after the first consultation we check whether the examination is carried out in the CMG or in collaboration with another centre. There are many specialisations in genetics. Therefore, if necessary, the CMG is happy to call on the expertise of colleagues from both home or abroad.

Multidisciplinary approach

Some consultations are dealt with at a multidisciplinary level. You then speak not only to the geneticist, but if appropriate also with another specialist and counsellor, or with a psychologist and social care nurse. The consultations where a multidisciplinary approach is key are marked with an asterisk in the list below.  

Among others, the following hereditary conditions are detected

Generally inherited problems
Rare diseases*
Metabolic diseases*
Learning difficulties 
Developmental problems 
Growth disorders and endocrine problems*


Problems with reproduction and heredity
Prenatal consultation* 
Preconception advice
Fertility problems*
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis* (PGD)
High-risk pregnancy*


Family history of cancer
Family history of cancer* 


Specific hereditary problems relating to one organ
Eye conditions* 
Skin conditions* 
Hearing problems* 
Skeletal abnormalities 
Connective tissue conditions* 
Muscle conditions* 
Heart conditions* 
Renal conditions 
Schisis (cleft lip and/or palate)*


Specific hereditary diseases
Neurofibromatosis and related conditions 
Neurological conditions (Huntington’s disease)* 
Tuberous sclerosis*