When you arrive on the ward

  1. After registration you will receive a registration form indicating the floor where you can find your ward and which route you should follow to find it.
  2. Each room number consists of the ward number (this is the same as the route number) and a separate number for each room.
  • For example: Room A480.20:
    • A480 is the number of the ward, which can be found by following route 480,
    • 20 is the number of the room.
  1. From the KIO admissions desk, go to the lifts that will take you to the correct floor. The information screens by the lifts show a summary of the routes and which floor they are on.
  • NB: Choose the correct floor on the touch screen before entering the lift. The screen will show which lift you should take to get to your floor.
  1. Once you reach the correct floor, go to the ward desk to report your arrival. A nurse will then accompany you to your room.