Home nursing

If you need home nursing care, you can contact an independent nurse or a home nursing service directly. You can also check with your GP, your mutual health insurance fund, or our social care nurse. Upon your discharge, you will receive a letter for the home nurse and a prescription for purchasing the necessary materials and equipment.

Other outpatient care 

You must make appointments for outpatient treatments such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, dietary counselling, smoking cessation counselling, psychological counselling...  yourself. Usually, your GP or your mutual health insurance fund will be able to recommend someone in your area. Some treatments are also available through our consultations. Feel free to enquire about the possibilities. Most but not all outpatient aftercare is reimbursed by your mutual insurance fund. You will need a prescription in that case.

Practical help at home

After a hospital stay, you may require or need domestic or other practical help, e.g. family assistance, cleaner, hot meals, shopping service, personal alarm, home adaptation... Not all help is immediately available. Requests should therefore be made in a timely manner. Feel free to request a meeting with our social care nurse.

(Temporary) admission to a care institution

If returning home is not (immediately) possible or desirable, the social care nurse will discuss the possibilities for staying in an adapted institution with you. Each type of institution (e.g. rehabilitation centre, nursing home, convalescent home, residential care centre, etc.) has its own admission criteria. Financial terms & conditions also vary widely. In most institutions, waiting times apply.

Do you have a long-term or permanent disability?

If so, you may be eligible for an allowance for informal care, another financial allowance, or more practical adaptations. For information on this, please refer to our brochure on facilities for people with disabilities, available in print on the ward or through the social care nurse.