Approval of your (health) insurance

UZ Brussel may also accept a payment guarantee (cover) from your insurance company. Are you insured abroad? Does your insurance provider agree to reimburse the medical care at UZ Brussel? Then be sure to ask for proof that your insurance company will cover the care and send us the document.

Request this document beforehand from your health insurer and submit it to the Services and International Patients desk at UZ Brussel, which will assess the validity of the document. You can simply send it to us by mail or hand it over when you register at UZ Brussel.

A copy of an insurance policy or travel insurance is not accepted as a payment guarantee.

Information to be provided on the payment guarantee:

  • Patient's name and date of birth
  • Period of validity
  • Type of treatment and medical service
  • Amount guaranteed and any exclusions
  • Invoicind address
  • UZ Brussel as the hospital where the treatment is being provided
  • In the event of hospitalisation: approval for a two-person or single room

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