Consultation with your doctor

Your discharge from hospital is determined in consultation with your attending physician or doctor. If you no longer require special care, your discharge (in case of general anaesthesia) is usually scheduled after 6 pm.  

If you want to leave the hospital against your doctor’s advice, we ask you to sign a declaration. This document relieves the doctors from any responsibility for the consequences of your decision.

Letter of discharge

After your hospital admission, you will be given a discharge letter for your GP. Within the UZ Brussel, healthcare providers sometimes use abbreviations in patient records to communicate with each other in short and clear messages. You may also see these abbreviations in your letter of discharge. To know what an abbreviation means, look it up in the list of abbreviations

Certificates and prescriptions

Upon leaving the hospital, you will be given all the necessary prescriptions for medication, physiotherapy, home nursing... and a letter for your GP. 

If necessary, an appointment will also be made for a subsequent consultation.

Arranging transport

After a procedure with sedation/anaesthesia, you may not drive your own car, bicycle or moped or use public transport on your own for 24 hours. Make arrangements for someone to come and fetch you and take you home.

If necessary, the social care nurse can arrange patient transport in advance or you can call a taxi free of charge in the entrance hall when you leave. 

Did you take everything with you? 

When leaving your room, check that you haven't forgotten anything (mobile phone charger, toiletries) and that your safe is empty.