Dyspnea Clinic

Shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea, can in some cases be a sign of a cardiac problem. At the Dyspnea Clinic, a cardiologist checks if shortness of breath can be attributed to a problem with the heart, lungs or muscles.

Examinations and tests

The following tests are scheduled on a single day and are performed at the day clinic. Further to thorough analysis, they supply a definitive answer as to the cause of dyspnea. Their results are discussed in the course of a follow-up meeting.

  • A lung function test: this involves breathing in and out of a mouthpiece several times.
  • A blood test
  • An effort test on a recumbent stationary bicycle while an echocardiogram is taken during the effort

The cardiologist gives an opinion based on the results, or, depending on the problem, refers the patient to the Pneumology (lung disease) or Physical Medicine department.

Shortness of breath caused by a heart valve problem

Shortness of breath that appears to be caused by a heart valve problem can usually be treated with appropriate medication or rehabilitation. In some cases, an operation may be required. Your doctor will supply you with information.

Close cooperation

UZ Brussel’s Dyspnea Clinic works in close cooperation with several cardiologists specialised in effort physiology from Jessa Ziekenhuis (Hasselt), Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (Genk), AZ Sint-Jan (Bruges) and UZ Leuven.