Delivering samples

Instructions for delivering samples

  • In order to have enough material to test, the CMG uses samples containing approximately 10 ml of blood.
  • For each test you can find the precise requirements for blood tests and sample transportation in the 'Available analyses' list (see in Dutch). Tissue or semen samples are only analysed if this has been previously discussed by telephone.
  • Every sample delivered must be accompanied by a fully completed application form, which must at least contain the following patient details:
    • Surname and first name (NB: in that order, to avoid confusion with less common names)
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • For patients with a Belgian mutual health insurer: the name of the mutual health insurer and the patient's membership number
  • If the application is in relation to a pregnancy or desired pregnancy, we need details for both prospective parents. So we need addresses for both of them, if these are different.
  • Patient details must also be shown on every sample delivered, at least including:
    • Surname
    • First name
    • Date of birth
  • From you, as the referring doctor, we need:
    • Surname and first name
    • RIZIV number
    • Address
    • Telephone number
  • For many analyses the sample has to be processed immediately. This is impossible unless both the indication and the requested analyses are indicated with a cross on the application form. Please do not forget to do this.
  • You should also inform us of extra clinical details that may be important in order to make the correct genetic diagnosis. For example, if there is a known genetic disorder in the family, please include these details, along with copies of any available clinical and/or genetics reports for the affected family member.
  • If the test is being done for the purposes of PGT treatment, please state not only what type of test is required but also include any test results that are already known. If you have a copy of the test reports, please send these to us as well. Without this information we cannot test the sample, and the test will have to be postponed. We will inform you of this in writing. 

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How to deliver samples to us

You can deliver or send samples with an enclosed application:

  • At any time > To the sample reception at UZ Brussel: green zone B, ground floor, route 165
  • Between 08.00 and 16.00 > To the genetics laboratory secretaries: grey zone A, level -1, route 1102

Depending on the type of test, you can give the sample to the patient to bring in together with the fully completed application form, or send it by courier or post.

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