It is best that you are in the hospital half an hour before your appointment in the Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG).

  1. First you register. This can be done at the reception desk or at the kiosks (self-registration) with your identity card. This desk and these kiosks are to be found at the entrance of the consultation building: Consultations entrance (zone C).
  2. After you have done that, go in the consultation building to the Medical Genetics secretariat (yellow zone C, level -1, route 752).

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Plattegrond UZ Brussel

Points for attention

  • If you come to a consultation concerning a pregnancy (for a preconception consultation, during a fertility treatment or for a prenatal examination), then both prospective parents must register. Even if you are referred by the Prenatal Consultation service. That enables the CMG to ask for tests and to have them carried out in both names.
  • Do not forget your identity card(s)

Blood samples

In order to enable the CMG to start genetic testing, it needs a blood sample from you and in many cases also from your partner. In PGD, samples may also possibly be asked of any family members.

After your consultation, you can have a blood sample taken in the UZ Brussel. For this make an appointment beforehand with the Blood Sampling service. Among other things this can be done by ringing the telephone number 02 477 60 01

You can also have this carried out by your usual doctor, local nurse, gynaecologist or by an external laboratory.