Waiting period during genetic testing

Between the first consultation and the ‘diagnosis consultation’ the time needed may pass. Why is that?

  • Genetic testing is specialised work that frequently has to be carried out at different research levels and sometimes successively on different candidate genes. That involves having to fit the testing in with the planning of various laboratories.
  • It is moreover not cost-effective to carry out every genetic test separately and therefore for certain tests laboratories wait until there are samples available from several patients.
  • Also some conditions are so rare that the test cannot be carried out in Belgium or that even that no test has been developed for it yet. 

As a result of this between the taking of the sample and knowing the result considerable time may elapse. The only exception to this are prenatal tests, the first results of which are generally delivered within seven to ten working days. 

The average turn-around-time for the various genetic tests offered can be found in the UZ Brussel laboratory guide (Dutch).

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