Breast examination

Studies have shown that a routine breast examination has no proven usefulness. The chance of a lesion being detected in this way is very small. An examination is often carried out in any case if there is an indication. The doctor examines the breasts for irregularities, dimpling in the skin, lumps and discharge.

In addition, it is important to request a screening mammography for:

  • All women between the ages of 50 and 69, every two years

Women in this age group run the highest risk of breast cancer. A mammography involves using a special device to take an X-ray of the breasts. This makes it possible to detect cancerous tumours at an early stage, even before an experienced doctor can feel the lump, so that the chance of a complete cure is higher, the treatment is less radical and the breast can be saved. This examination is free of charge.

  • Women younger than 50 or older than 69

Systematic screening is not recommended (because the costs are greater than the possible benefits), but it is certainly not always pointless, for example in cases of personal or family risk factors. In cases like this, however, your doctor has to prescribe the mammography.

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