Parking your car

The main car parks at UZ Brussel:

  • Car park 1 for Hospitalisation, KidZ Health Castle, MRI and BrusselsIVF
  • Car park 2 for short-stay users at the main entrance
  • Car park 3 for consultations (adults) in the Consultation building
  • Car park 5 for Kiss & Ride A&E

Motorbike sheds

If you travel to the hospital by motorbike, you can use the covered motorbike adjoining Car Park 1, near the entrance to the KidZ Health Castle. 

There is another motorbike shed near Car Park 3, at the Consultation building.

Kiss & Ride zones

Are you picking up or dropping off someone at UZ Brussel? Consider using the Kiss & Ride zones. These zones are situated near the hospital’s main entrances:

  • Main entrance Hospitalisations (Building A)
  • Entrance Consultations (Building C)

Leave the Kiss & Ride zone as soon as you have dropped off or collected your passenger. If you intend to stay longer, then move your car to Car Park 1 (Hospitalisations) or Car Park 3 (consultations).