UZ Brussel's Values

Putting people first

More than a hospital

At Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, the patient is always our highest priority: we respect each patient as a person, without distinguishing by origin, language, social status or religious belief and in keeping with the right to self-determination. UZ Brussel is much more than a hospital, since it promotes a tolerant society, the very essence of which is mutual respect. This actively humanistic attitude goes hand in hand with medical expertise based on scientific research and ongoing innovation.

Restoring independence

UZ Brussel cultivates humanistic values. It gives priority to the person. A patient is a person going through a difficult situation. Illness is destabilising, in the sense that the patient is no longer (fully) able to do what they want. They become dependent. The purpose of humanistic care is to restore independence and ensure that the patient can once again lead the life they wish.

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The care offered at UZ Brussel has five distinct characteristics

Accessible basic medical care and cutting edge technology at its most innovative and highest level

UZ Brussel aims to offer a full range of accredited health services and optimum quality at regional, national and international level. The services provided include both basic medical care and innovative, cutting-edge technologies. UZ Brussel is a university hospital, which employs a solid, specialised nursing and (para-)medical team and uses high-tech equipment, and patients come here to benefit from highly specialised treatments or sophisticated equipment. It provides these treatments in cooperation with the referring doctors, cooperating hospitals and other care providers.

Independent research and teaching

High-level care calls for ongoing innovation and scientific research. UZ Brussel is a university hospital and therefore has a teaching and training vocation, as well as a research vocation. It subscribes to the fundamental values of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel of which it is part and which are based on the principle of “independent research”. The hospital works closely with the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and also with other faculties of the VUB.

Dutch-speaking = multilingual

UZ Brussel also fulfils the role of a general hospital in Flanders, and above all in the Brussels region. It is the only Dutch-speaking hospital in Brussels, and Dutch is its working language. The hospital is also proud of the fact that it welcomes everyone. In practice, UZ Brussel is multilingual. Its staff endeavours to speak the patient's language, whenever possible.

Care that benefits society means affordable care

UZ Brussel considers it essential for care to be accessible. It must therefore be available to those in financial difficulty. Despite the constant cuts being imposed by the government and growing budgetary pressure, UZ Brussel offers care which is affordable to everyone wherever possible, by reducing financial obstacles where possible. It also strives to ensure its own financial health. Those in most serious need will benefit from its social services, which are closely linked to the care offered.


UZ Brussel aims to bring together people interested in supporting our goals: people who dare to think outside the box, are open-minded and are committed to our aspirations.

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The way UZ Brussel views its patients has four distinct characteristics

UZ Brussel accepts every person just as they are

The patients of UZ Brussel represent around 160 nationalities. It is the priority of UZ Brussel to care for every person that is suited to them. UZ Brussel does not judge or criticise anyone.

UZ Brussel listens

UZ Brussel does its utmost to keep pace with society, people and patients. It meets regularly with those suffering from illness and listens to what they have to say. This teaches us how best to adapt the care we provide to the needs and experiences of our patients, and how to continually optimise this care. UZ Brussel dares to look at itself in the mirror. Everything can be improved.

UZ Brussel overcomes barriers

UZ Brussel uses hierarchies only insofar as is necessary. The distance separating patients from students and professors is reduced to a minimum, as is that between nursing staff and doctors, or between care providers and administrative or logistical staff. Open communication between all staff members, on all subjects, is a paramount objective.

UZ Brussel is more than just a hospital

Thanks to its humanistic approach, UZ Brussel also pays special attention to our society. It considers that everyone is entitled to define their own freedom, as they see fit. No one is allowed to intimidate others or dictate their values. UZ Brussel therefore advocates a tolerant society based on mutual respect.

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