Preconception genetic testing

If you want to become pregnant but are worried about your genetic background you can come to the Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG) for preconception testing, as it is known. You therefore consult us before conception, in other words, before you try to get pregnant.

When is preconception testing definitely indicated?

(Suspicion of) a genetic condition

Certainly if there is a (suspicion of) a genetic condition in your family it is important that you consult us before conception. With the techniques and tests available today, the CMG can help you far more to bring a healthy baby into the world. As a result of this, for example, you may be able to avoid an abortion which you might decide to have if prenatal testing were to indicate that your baby has inherited the condition.

Repeated miscarriage

If you have already been pregnant more than once, but on each occasion your pregnancy has resulted in a miscarriage, preconception testing may be indicated. If during the cell division and development of a foetus genetic defects occur and the foetus is therefore not viable as a result, the body will reject it. Research into miscarriage tissue can then be very useful.

Repeated miscarriage can also indicate the existence of a genetic condition. For women who have already had miscarriages repeatedly, there is a specific care path within UZ Brussel. In the miscarriage clinic you are assisted by a specialised care team in your desire to have a child. Together with scientific researchers they look at your situation from a broader perspective, because there are of course other factors than genetic reasons for a repeated miscarriage.