Ajmaline test

An ajmaline test is carried out to find out whether you have Brugada syndrome. The syndrome is an inherited condition that disturbs the electrical activity of the heart.


  • On the day before the test you should stop taking beta blockers at home!
  • On the day you should not eat anything at all before coming to hospital.
  • Bring the medications you take at home so that you can take them after the test.

How the test is carried out

  1. In the day unit a nurse will insert a needle for a drip. You will then be taken to the operating suite.
  2. The nurse will apply a number of electrodes to your chest and connect them to a heart rhythm monitor (the device that will continuously monitor your heart rhythm).
  3. Over a period of five minutes you will then receive an infusion of ajmaline via the drip needle. During the infusion your body may start to feel very warm, you may have a strange taste in your mouth and you may feel light-headed. These are normal effects of the product.
  4. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour. You will then be taken back to the day clinic where the results of the test will be discussed with you.

After the test

If the test has gone normally and you do not have Brugada syndrome, you can leave the hospital immediately.

If an abnormality is found, the doctor may decide whether to admit you to hospital immediately for further observation and treatment, or to do this later.


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