Checking in to the ward

  1. After your registration, you will receive a check-in form indicating the floor of your nursing unit and the route to get there. 
  1. Each room number is composed of the nursing unit number (this is identical to the route number) and a room sequence number.

    For example: Room A460.20:
         A460 is the number of the nursing unit which you reach by following route 460
         20 is the sequence number of the room
  2. Walk from the Billing-Registration-Admissions office (KIO) to the lifts which will take you to the fourth floor. The information screens at the lifts provide an overview of the routes and their respective floors.

    Attention: Choose your floor on the touch screen before stepping into the lift. The screen will tell you which lift you need to take to your floor.
  3. Once you are on the right floor, go to the nurses station and check in. A nurse will accompany you to your room.