On the day of your hospital admission, you must report to the Billing - Registration - Admissions office in the Hospitalisations entrance area (zone A, route 151). There our assistants will take care of all administrative formalities:

  • Upon your registration, you will receive, among other things, a 'declaration of hospitalisation' and additional information including an overview of possible charges.
  • A deposit is requested upon registration prior to your hospital admission. You can always request information in advance by calling +32 2 477 77 85.
  • An ID wristband or hospital bracelet will be placed around your wrist, which should remain on your wrist throughout your hospital stay. During an examination, a procedure, administration of medication... the nurses or doctors check your identity for maximum patient safety.
  • If you are admitted as a result of an occupational accident, be sure to inform us during your registration. 

Admission to the maternity ward

For admission to the Maternity ward, please report to the Billing - Registration - Admissions (Kassa -  Inschrijving - Opname, KIO) office (zone A, route 151) between 8 am and 7.45 pm. After 7.45 pm, admission is arranged by A&E.