You have questions or anxieties about…

  • Contraception
    • Does my method of contraception have negative consequences for my health or my fertility?
    • Is my method of contraception reliable?
    • Is my method of contraception the best choice for me?
  • Fertility
    • Am I infertile after having had an STD?
    • Am I infertile because I have irregular periods?
    • Can I become pregnant if I have a particular disease or take certain medication?
  • Cancer
    • Do I have a greater risk of cancer because I use a contraceptive?
    • Do I have a greater risk of cancer because cancer is prevalent in my family?
    • My body
    • etc.

Finding an answer to your questions...

It is not always easy to find a clear, well-founded answer from family, friends or on the internet.

These websites can help you with this:

Is the general information inadequate? If you cannot find an answer to your questions or you would like a personalised answer that takes account of your specific needs, then make an appointment with a gynaecologist.