Cardiac rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation division helps patients to change their lifestyle for example after a heart attack or heart operation. Research has shown that 90% of heart problems are due to factors which patients themselves are able to influence. Supporting patients with medication and lifestyle changes clearly reduces the risk of relapse and improves their life expectancy.

Multidisciplinary team

As an approved cardiac rehabilitation centre, the Cardiology department has a multidisciplinary team to assist both its own patients and patients referred from other hospitals.

The rehabilitation cardiologists coordinate cardiac rehabilitation and work closely with:

  • Physiotherapists
  • A clinical psychologist
  • A social worker
  • A dietician

Individual rehabilitation plan

After an initial meeting with all the team members, an individual rehabilitation plan is produced for each patient. A number of aims are set out:

  • Providing information about the heart problem and the associated risk factors, and explaining the benefit of the medications that have been given (which will be adjusted if necessary).
  • Improving the patient’s physical fitness and supporting him or her in resuming everyday activities. Based on the results of ergospirometry, a personal training programme is worked out.
  • Informing the patient about a healthy diet and any specific dietary requirements.
  • Providing psychological support with stress management (both stress caused by the heart condition itself and so-called background stress– this is stress associated with the patient’s living conditions).
  • Support to stop smoking provided by a psychologist who is an approved smoking cessation specialist.