Cardiology check-ups

  • Cardiology check-up: family or sport-related

People with heart disease in the family or looking for advice on playing sport in a safe and healthy way can contact the Cardiology department for a cardiology check-up. A preventive sports medicine review requested by a third party (sports club, association or other institution) is not covered by your health insurance and the patient will be charged for the full cost.

  • Family cardiology check

Some heart conditions may be inherited and in these cases a family check may be carried out if first-degree relatives are found to have abnormalities at a young age (men under 65 years - women under 55 years): sudden death, heart attack, aortic disease, inherited high cholesterol, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Brugada syndrome, etc.

  • Cardiology check-up requested by an insurance company, employer, etc.

In the context of an outstanding-balance or group insurance policy, the insurer may request a cardiology assessment and report before the person’s file can be approved. In some cases this may also be needed in order to obtain or extend a fitness to drive certificate. Any consultation or test that is requested by an employer will be charged to the employer in full, if an agreement to this effect has been reached beforehand.