Sports cardiology

Sports cardiology and treatment of overuse injuries are two important but very different fields within sports medicine. Sports cardiology mainly involves screening for underlying heart problems that can or do cause symptoms during and after sports.

Possible tests

The tests that may be carried out during a consultation with the sports doctor include:

Based on the results of these tests the sports doctor will make a recommendation or refer the patient to the cardiologists or rhythmologists for further tests and adjustments.

Specific training

Playing sport is very healthy, but it sometimes results in symptoms or pain in the knee, shoulder, Achilles tendon, lower back, etc. These are often due to repetitive incorrect loading of the body while playing sport. This results in chronic overuse injuries.

Based on a detailed clinical examination, possibly supplemented by tests (ultrasound scans, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and isotope scans), the sports doctor will start treatment and provide advice on specific sports training. The aim is to start the process of healing overuse injuries so that the patient can continue playing sport for many years to come.

Close collaboration

  • For heart-related conditions this department works in close collaboration with the Cardiology department and the Heart Rhythm Management Center.
  • In the case of chronic overuse injuries the department collaborates with the Radiology, Isotopes, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy divisions.