Preparation at home

If you are admitted to hospital for surgery, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you need to be sober (as agreed with your doctor), make sure you do not eat or drink anything from midnight the day before your surgery. Exceptions are subject to prior agreement with your doctor, e.g. because you need to take medication or because of local rather than general anaesthesia.
  • Bathe or shower, preferably the morning of your hospital admission. Clean your belly button, brush your teeth, and make sure your fingernails and toenails are clean.
  • Strictly follow any instructions from your doctor regarding diet, medication or enemas.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or heavy meals the day before your hospital admission.
  • Depending on the procedure, you may need to remove hair from the surgical site. The surgeon will agree this with you beforehand. You can do this at home or bring the necessary equipment with you to the day hospital (no razor blades, just clippers and/or a hair removal device).
  • Remove all forms of make-up, nail polish, fake or gel nails, piercings and jewellery.