What to bring

For your registration

  • Your identity card
  • Your bank card to pay the deposit for your hospital admission. Cash is not accepted.
  • •    Information on supplementary health insurance.

For your stay

  • Home medication:
    • Not all medication is immediately available at the hospital. We therefore recommend that you bring your home medication in its original packaging in the home medication bag you received.
    • Note down all medications you take and the times you take them on the enclosed list.
    • Check the hospital pharmacy web pages for further information.
  • Clothing: underwear, loose-fitting day and night clothes, snug-fitting slippers.
  • Anti-embolic stockings (if you already have them).
  • Toiletries: towels and face flannels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb
  • Personal aids: glasses, lenses, dentures, hearing aids...
  • Avoid theft and loss. Do not bring valuables to the hospital.