Preparing your hospital admission

Hospital admission after referral

To be admitted to hospital, you need a referral from a general practitioner or specialist. Your hospital admission is then scheduled through the Billing - Registration - Admission (Kassa-Inschrijving-Opname, KIO) office. The Prehospitalisation department takes care of the medical exams prior to your hospitalisation.

Unexpected hospital admission

You may also be admitted to hospital unexpectedly after a visit to A&E, the Accident & Emergency Department. In that case, a KIO staff member will visit you in your room to complete all administrative formalities and answer any questions you may have regarding the financial aspect of your hospital admission.

Contact your insurance company or mutual health insurance fund.

If you are admitted to hospital, remember to contact your insurance company fund on time.

For information on the costs associated with your hospital admission, go to the financial pages.