Becoming pregnant in spite of a genetic problem

If you want to have a child and, at the same time, there is a genetic problem, you can come for a special treatment to the UZ Brussel [Brussels University Hospital]: PGT or pre-implantation genetic testing.

PGT means that embryos obtained by in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), are first genetically tested and only then are ‘replaced’ in the womb. 

PGT expertise at the UZ Brussel

The PGT Clinic of the UZ Brussel has been using the technique since 1993 and, in the meantime, has grown to be one of the leading centres in Europe.

Also, as far as scientific research into children born after PGT treatment is concerned, UZ Brussels is the absolute leader in this field: as one of the few centres in the world the Centre for Medical Genetics subsequently follows up all babies who are born as a result of this treatment. This postnatal follow-up forms an integral part of the treatment.