Reliability of PGT

PGT is a very reliable diagnostic technique with a minimal risk of a wrong diagnosis (<1%).

You can have a control diagnosis carried out via a prenatal test (NIPTchorionic villus test or umbilical cord puncture) during your pregnancy. At the same time the Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG) of the UZ Brussel can determine with even more certainty whether the foetus has the condition being tested for or not. At that time the CMG can also detect any other problems, such as, for example, Down’s syndrome. A NIPT can detect only whether there is an excess or a deficiency of chromosomal material. For other genetic abnormalities an invasive prenatal test must be carried out. Unfortunately an invasive prenatal test also carries with it a small risk of a miscarriage (half to one per cent).

Also, in many but not in all cases, the CMG offers the opportunity to have a control diagnosis carried out after the birth of the baby.