Consultation with a geneticist

The doctor, a clinical geneticist (a medical expert in hereditary conditions), will who checks that the conditions are eligible for developing a PGD test. He will also go through the available data regarding yourself, your partner and family members.

If you are eligible for PGD treatment you will also meet the PGD coordinator and/ or a social care nurse.

What can you do to help this consultation run efficiently?

  • Bring as much information as possible regarding your genetic disorder, such as the results of genetic tests and letters from doctors. 
  • Other information that you can provide us with or that we can assemble together:
    • The medical family tree of at least two generations, but preferably four: your own generation (including any brothers and sisters), that of your parents, that of any children already born to you, and possibly that of your grandparents;
    • The name and date of birth of family members with the genetic disorder;
    • Any clinical and/or genetic reports of the family members who have the disorder.

Request for blood tests

After the consultation we give you requests for blood tests, for yourself and possibly for family members.

  • Your blood samples are taken at UZ Brussel, as the analysis is usually also performed in-house.
  • Family members from whom we need a blood sample can visit their general practitioner or an external lab to get the sample taken The samples or results will then be forwarded to us.

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