Postnatal monitoring

Since 1984, immediately after the start of the fertility clinic of the UZ Brussel, the Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG) is responsible for the follow-up studies in children born from MAR treatments in the UZ Brussel.

Today the CMG has the data of more than 20,000 children. That is 95 to 98  per cent of all ‘UZ Brussel babies’. The UZ Brussel is therefore an absolute world leader in this field.

Follow-up course

For this study the CMG asks you to fill in a questionnaire on two occasions during the pregnancy: one at the end of the first trimester and one shortly after delivery.

The follow-up of PGT children consists of two consultations with a paediatrician: 

  • The first when your baby is two months old
  • The second around the second birthday

You do not need to worry about data protection: all data are processed entirely anonymously.

You do not need to come to the UZ Brussel itself for this: you can also have the post-natal tests and the consultations with your own paediatrician. But the CMG does ask that you provide it with the results.


For a PGT patient the post-natal follow-up of a baby and toddler constitutes the actual end of the treatment. The CMG then also urges PGT patients to work with it in this scientific research.