Medically-assisted reproduction (MAR) with PGT: ICSI

Planning and starting treatment

Your PGT treatment can only be included in the clinic’s planning when the PGT test is ready and the treatment has been planned. In other words a date must be set on which you may start taking medication for ovarian stimulation. 

The start date is generally set during the session with the counsellor or with the fertility gynaecologist. If that hasn’t taken place, then you have to agree the starting date together with the planning coordinator of the BrusselsIVF.

You must start on the day agreed in order to be able to offer you the best possible treatment. If for one reason or another you miss the start, the treatment must be deferred and planned again.  

The treatment: IVF/ICSI

In in-vitro fertilisation the egg is not fertilised in the fallopian tube by the sperm but outside the woman’s body, in a dish in the laboratory (‘in vitro’ meaning ‘in glass’). In PGT ICSI is always used as the fertilisation technique, i.e. one sperm is injected into each egg.

IVF/ICSI in a nutshell:

  1. Stimulation treatment 
  2. Egg retrieval
  3. Fertilising the eggs in the lab
  4. Embryo transfer
  5. Freezing embryos
  6. Monitoring any pregnancy

You can find a full and more detailed description of the treatment on the website of the BrusselsIVF of the UZ Brussel.