Stimulation treatment

Your natural menstruation cycle is temporarily replaced by a medically-controlled one. At the same time you will be given hormones to stimulate your ovaries. The aim is to help as many eggs to develop as possible. 

!!! Follow instructions properly 

During IVF treatment there is a small risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, in which fluid accumulates in the abdomen. Sometimes hospitalisation is needed to treat this problem. We then also urge you to follow the instructions of the fertility doctor closely and to adhere to daily patient monitoring (DM). This team seeks to achieve the maximum number of high-quality eggs with a minimal risk of ovarian hyperstimulation.  

!!! Avoid a spontaneous pregnancy 

As a PGT patient you were asked at the start of the test development phase to no longer have unprotected sexual intercourse. In this way the PGT clinic wants to avoid you becoming pregnant spontaneously without it being possible to test the embryo genetically. That request applies to an even greater extent in this ‘stimulated’ period: from the week before to one week after the egg retrieval you are asked in no case to have unprotected intercourse.

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