What does a PGT treatment cost?

For information about the cost of a PGT treatment you can ask the PGD coordinator. There is also a document with financial information that is regularly updated. You can ask for this from:

For Belgian patients who are eligible for national health insurance, the form gives more information about the conditions for reimbursement of the treatment. Health insurance entitlement does not always mean that you are eligible for reimbursement.

Non-eligible patients

Non-eligible patients (without Belgian national health insurance) must pay for the treatment before treatment takes place. For the laboratory services of the Centre for Medical Genetics that means, in the context of a PGT treatment, that the full amount has to be paid for the preparatory blood tests by the prospective parents before the development of the test is started. 


In the UZ Brussel consultations, tests or procedures must be paid for with a bank card or by bank transfer (based on an invoice that has been sent). Payment is not permitted by cash or by cheque.