Informed consents

At the beginning of a PGT treatment you are asked to take a number of decisions and give your consent in writing. That takes place through a number of contracts:

  • The consent to PGT
  • The consent to medically-assisted reproduction
  • The decision about the use of supernumerary embryos
  • The consent to scientific research using human reproductive cells (eggs or sperm) and embryos
  • If applicable: the consent to the use of donor sperm

By signing each contract you (and your partner) confirm that before the start of the treatment you were given extensive information about all medical aspects of the treatment and that the information was sufficient for you to be able to make a well-considered decision on the basis of it.

Any decision that you make can be revised again by you later, but this must always be done in writing. If you have signed the original consent form as a couple, then you must both sign the revised decision.