Patient Charter Brussels - Aalst Cardiac Pathology Network

The network undertakes to provide the best possible care to you as the patient, using the best investigation and treatment techniques, selected to meet your personal medical needs and not based on your ability to pay, your lifestyle or any other factor.

Your opinions and choices will be listened to and taken into account. The ultimate decision on your treatment will be the result of a discussion which includes aiming to find the best solution that comes closest to your best interests.

Before a decision is made on your treatment, you are therefore entitled to receive comprehensive and clear information, in good time (unless the urgency of your medical problem means that this cannot be done right away). This information will also include a realistic assessment of the expected costs which are not covered by your health insurance.

Within the network you will be treated with respect and dignity, with discretion and with a maximum of confidentiality, which also means that no-one who is not involved in your care process will have access to your medical data. You can access all your medical information at any time and you can decide who is able to view it for your aftercare after discharge.

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