Bicycle itinerary

Adress: UZ Brussel - Laarbeeklaan 101, 1090 Jette BELGIUM

The area around UZ Brussel has been completely redeveloped, increasing road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The authorities have built separate, wider cycling paths in Dikke Beuklaan and Laarbeeklaan.

Bicycle sheds

A covered bicycle shed is available for patients and visitors at all three entrances (Hospitalisations, KidZ Health Castle and Consultations).

Villo! bicycles

There is a Villo! Station (location: Dikke Beuklaan) close to the Hospitalisations/Main entrance (Building A), where you can rent a bicycle with a subscription or ticket and return it to a Villo! station of your choice.

Tip: there is also a Villo! Station at Jette train station.