Train itinerary

Coming via Jette

The train station of Jette is served by various train lines: lines 50 and 60, as well as the suburban S3, S4 and S10 trains, which offer plenty of possibilities.

The station is an interesting option, among others, for people travelling from Sint-Niklaas, Dendermonde, Ghent, Denderleeuw and Aalst.

The station is just a 20-minute walk from UZ Brussel. You can also switch to MIVB buses 88 and 14 (to UZ-VUB). The journey takes 15 or 10 minutes, depending on the bus line.

Coming via Brussels-North station

Bus 14 (MIVB-STIB) will take you to UZ Brussel from Brussels-North in approximately 30 minutes.

Coming via Brussels-Midi/South station

Metro line 2 (to Simonis) and metro line 6 (to Koning Boudewijn) depart from Brussels Midi/South. Get off at Simonis and take (underground) tram 9 (MIVB-STIB) which stops at UZ Brussel.

Coming via Vilvoorde

Visitors coming from Antwerp or Mechelen can get off the train at Vilvoorde and switch to bus 820 of De Lijn (to UZ Brussel).

Coming from Brussels Airport

The train to Brussels-North departs from the airport. In Brussels-North you can take bus 14 (MIVB) and bus 245 (De Lijn) to get to UZ Brussel.

Bus 820 (De Lijn) will take you directly to the hospital.