Mission statement

You can contact the ombudsman for more information about your rights and obligations as a patient. The specific mission statement of the ombudsman is laid down in the patients’ rights act of 22 August 2002:

  • To promote communication between patient and professional
  • To mediate in the event of complaints
  • To provide information about other channels if no solution is found
  • To provide information about the working of the ombudsman service
  • To make recommendations in the event of recurrent failures

What does the ombudsman service not do?

  • For questions about your invoice or its payment, please contact the invoicing service or the accounts department.
  • For questions about the collection of invoices, please contact boekhouding@uzbrussel.be.
  • You can obtain your medical records or a copy of it via the patients’ portal my.uzbrussel.be or by submitting a request on paper.
  • Complaints relating to the care provided that may have led to possible physical injury and material damage, for which the ombudsman service can no longer mediate, are examined by the hospital’s insurer following a statement from the patient. You can report these complaints via verzekeringen@uzbrussel.be. You will receive confirmation of receipt directly from the insurer.
  • For questions about the protection of your personal data, contact gegevensbescherming@uzbrussel.be.