Embryo transfer 

The embryos that are genetically healthy and of good morphological quality are eligible for placing in the womb, the embryo transfer. This procedure is accompanied by a short hospital admission. 

Two options: 

  • After the embryo biopsy on day three: 
    • Either one or two selected embryo(s) is(are) placed in the current cycle and the supernumerary embryos are frozen. 
    • Or all embryos are frozen before being placed in a later, non-stimulated cycle.  
  • After the embryo biopsy on day five: 
    • All embryos are frozen before placement in a later, non-stimulated cycle. 

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Which embryos 

Only embryos that are found to be normal after genetic analysis are placed. 

Embryos that are found to be abnormal or for which genetic analysis does not give sufficient information are not eligible for placement. In the exceptional case where such an embryo is nevertheless placed, you will sign a separate consent agreement for this. 

How many embryos? 

One or two and sometimes three unaffected embryos are returned to the womb.  

That number is linked to legal provisions. Determining factors are your age (of the woman) and the question of the maximum number of treatment cycles. But, also the quality of the genetic status of the embryos does of course play a role, as well as the number of embryos available. 

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