Monitoring any pregnancy 

Around twelve days after the embryo transfer a blood test is carried out for a pregnancy test. You can have this blood sample taken in the PGT clinic or by your general practitioner and the analysis carried out by the laboratory of his or her choice. In the latter case you must give the result to the PGT clinic. 

After around two weeks you will know whether the embryo that has been placed has implanted itself in the womb and whether you are therefore pregnant.    

You are not pregnant… 

Then you will have a follow-up appointment with the fertility gynaecologist for an analysis of your treatment and to discuss further testing and treatment possibilities.  

You are pregnant … 

Then an ultrasound check is arranged, six to seven weeks after the embryo transfer. You can have this check carried out elsewhere too, but again it is important that you provide the PGT clinic with the results. 

After this a further consultation is arranged in the PGT clinic to discuss your pregnancy. Then it is immediately discussed whether you want a prenatal diagnosis for monitoring purposes (NIPT, chorionic villus test or amniocentesis). 

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