Consultation & counselling sessions

As soon as the PGT is ready, you again come for a consultation with the geneticist and the fertility gynaecologist. The fertility gynaecologist prescribes a medically-assisted fertilisation (MAR) treatment.

Finally you see the fertility counsellor, who will go over the whole MAR treatment with you during a counselling session:

  • Practical matters:
    • Planning
    • Start date
    • How to make appointments and with whom
    • The where and when of procedures
    • How to communicate and with whom during your treatment
    • What monitoring is there in the case of pregnancy
  • Medical matters:
    • The course of your treatment
    • What medication do you have to take (and how)
    • Your preparation for egg retrieval and embryo transfer (and what happens after that?)
  • Administrative and financial matters:
    • Registering as a patient at the UZ Brussel
    • The cost of the treatment
    • The conditions for reimbursement (for Belgian patients who are entitled to national health insurance)
    • The contracts that you have to sign
    • ...

Because of this focus on the practical matters it is best if the counselling session is held as soon as possible before the actual treatment takes place.

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