Pre-PGT treatment path

1. Contact the PGT coordinator

If you want to come for a consultation for a potential PGT treatment it is best to send an email to This will put you directly in contact with the PGT coordinator.

In your email or in an attachment inform us of:

  • Your full name, date of birth and address(es)
  • A short description of the condition and your medical history
  • Copies of genetic reports which you may already have
  • For couples from abroad: a copy of the identity card of both partners

As soon as the PGT clinic has sufficient information, it will invite you to the PGT Clinic.

2. Preparatory consultations

Each PGT treatment starts with two consultations (sometimes three), with:

If all assessments are positive, the PGT clinic collects the necessary blood samples in order to develop a PGT test for the genetic analysis of the embryos.

Journeys for the preparatory consultations

For Belgian patients at least two hospital visits are planned before the treatment can start.

For foreign patients or patients living abroad we will try to limit the number of journeys and arrange the consultations together as much as possible. The discussion with the counsellor therefore takes place on the first visit to our clinic. Further appointments will be made by telephone or by email.

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