24-hour blood pressure measurement

This test is used to measure your blood pressure over a 24-hour period. This is done using an automatic blood pressure meter which is applied by the nurse during the consultation. This allows the doctor to have a better understanding of the blood pressure changes during the day and night. It is also easy to calculate the average blood pressure to check whether drug treatment is needed or should be adjusted.

Before the test

  • No special preparation is needed.
  • If you are taking medications, these do not need to be stopped.

The test

  1. The test is completely painless, and there are no risks involved.
  2. A blood pressure cuff is placed around the upper arm and connected to a blood pressure meter. This can be worn in a bag attached to a belt around the body.
  3. During the day your blood pressure will be measured automatically every 15 minutes. When this happens you will feel the blood pressure cuff inflating. During this measurement it is best to keep your arm outstretched (if possible). Sometimes two measurements may be done one after another.
  4. At night the device only measures your blood pressure once per hour (so this does not mean the device is faulty).
  5. The next day you can bring the blood pressure meter back.


  • You must NOT have a bath or shower during the test.

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