Medical records

Within the Brussels - Aalst Cardiac Pathology Network there are clear agreements between the various secretariats involved on how patient information flows are organised for urgent and elective transfers, consultations and hospital admissions.


Reports of technical investigations, consultations and hospital admissions are sent electronically using channels that are secured by the e-Health platform. Electronic communication can be requested via Provide at least the following data:

  • Your full NIHDI number
  • Your first name and surname
  • Your address
  • The desired electronic format (e.g. Health One, Medidoc, etc.)
  • The name of the software package (if applicable)

Medical details of patients after referral

The Artsen Medisch Informatie Systeem (Doctors’ Medical Information System, known in Dutch as 'AMIS') provides GPs and other doctors with medical data via the internet on patients referred by them. The data are sent securely and are only accessible to registered GPs and other doctors. For questions and support, please contact

Secure access to AMIS is provided using an electronic identity card (eID) and an eID card reader.

  • Registration for AMIS via eID:
  • Starting AMIS via eID:

Sharing between hospitals

There is an option to exchange DICOM data for coronary angiogram data between hospitals in the network via PACS on web.

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